Why Perfect Pink Single Fin?

What makes Perfect Pink Single Fin preferable to the stock fins on your foamie?

For starters, single fin design reduces drag, which increases speed, so your board will go faster: The Perfect Pink Single Fin eliminates the three, distinct friction planes created by a tri-fin design. When a tri-fin board is turning, only one fin is working to maximum effectiveness, while the others are creating drag. This can be great for elite surfers on elite boards who actually need to slow down through turns to remain in the wave. All that drag is not so great for the rest of us.

This basic friction formula explains:

Then there's the Perfect Pink Single Fin profile: it's significantly longer than soft-top stock fins. As a result, the fin penetrates deeper below the wave's surface. And that allows surfers — regardless of skill levels — to make steeper drops and hold higher lines in waves.

Last but not least, the Perfect Pink Single Fin is made from a more rigid resin than the stock fins. With the increased stiffness of the fin, comes increased responsiveness for the board and its rider.